Ever since I was a boy exploring the forest near my home, I have loved everything about the forest: trees, wildlife, plants. Though I began my education in wildlife management at UMaine, after I saw their managed forests, I was hooked. I transferred to forestry and have been working in the woods ever since.

As a forester I get to improve woodlands, while teaching landowners and working with some of the best loggers in the business. My most rewarding task is helping families who own the land and showing them its potential. Whether for wildlife, recreation, tax savings, or for investment, I help landowners achieve their land management goals.

Please look around. I am creating a site that communicates the lessons I have been learning and teaching for over 30 years. I want you to understand what makes a healthy forest and why good forest management is good stewardship.

Forestry 101 covers the foundational lessons I teach in schools, and at the kitchen table with landowners. Scan through Forestry 201+ and read what interests you, from articles I have been writing for over a decade. Vermont values its farm and forest landscape and helps soften the challenges by taxing eligible land at a lower tax rate in its Current Use program. Likewise, we are licensed in the adjacent states which have similar approaches. You can read up on NH, MA, and NY Tax Law to see if these programs would benefit you. You will see photos of forest management in Gallery. Read from satisfied landowners in References.

No one wants to see a forest trashed. We have all felt the loss when a favorite woodland is converted irrevocably into a development. Yet, owners carry a real financial burden. Forest management makes it possible for landowners to keep their family land by managing their timber resource. Your trees can become a kitchen table, a coat closet, firewood for a wood stove, or paper for the books read in other homes across America.

Robbo Holleran 211 Green Mountain Turnpike, Chester VT 05143

(802) 875-3021


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  1. Looking for your USPS address and found this nice website, Robbo. I hope all is well with you and yours now, and into the future. Chris

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